Email Marketing  Pt 1


What is Email Marketing?


  • It is a form of Direct Marketing, sending a commercial message to a group of people using email.
  • It is effective in enhancing your relationship with your current or previous customers and in encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • It also may be used to acquire new customers or convince current customers to make an immediate new purchase


The advantages of Email Marketing over other forms of Marketing

  •  Contact your customers using E-mail at a fraction of the cost of Print, Radio & TV.

  •  At pennies per contact vs. up to a dollar or more for direct mail, E-mail is the least expensive form of advertising.

  •  Properly targeted with the right data contained in a database created for your special needs, you will make the right offer to the right custome

What Email Providers do for You


You collect site visitor email addresses or use your own permission-based list, then use their service to create and send targeted, professional email newsletters and promotions, and track your results. All you need is a browser.

 Your Email Provider :

  • Collects site visitor email addresses and interests

  • Imports in-house permission-based email addresses

  • Easy Creation & Sending of email newsletters and promotions

  • Manages your list and tracks and reports your results automatically

  • Create multiple versions of an email tailored to their special interests

  • Provides CAN-SPAM compliance

  • Automatic email formatting and delivery (HTML and Text)

  • Automatic list management and instant results reporting

  • Protects your email addresses, websites and domains from being blocked or suspended