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  • Services

    Onsite Computer Services & PC Consulting

    Partners In Profit will keep your PCs running smoothly and help protect your important business information.

    Happy business computer user

    Let Partners In Profit Help You!

    • Fix Computer Problems
    • Virus Removal & Virus Repair
    • Set up your desktops, laptops, mobile devices
    • Handle software & hardware upgrades
    • Set up your software and apps

    In Office PC Services & Solutions

    Let us make your computers work right!

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

    Concerned about Safe Computing & Virus Protection, Virus Repair & Virus Recovery?

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  • Marketing

    Digital Marketing Services & Solutions

    Working For You

    A marketing campaign delivers its greatest rewards for you when every piece of it is carefully designed to work together and complement the other pieces. Our goal is to give you the Highest ROI for the lowest possible cost. Partners In Profit is dedicated to developing & providing affordable solutions to help you whether you're big or small, established or new.

    Putting all the pieces of the customer satisfaction puzzle together

    Successful Customer Satisfaction programs start out with solid plan and a carefully designed base. Then the other pieces are added onto that solid base, each added piece working together to achieve your goals. Call us Today & Start designing that plan & building that solid base. Working together we will build that solid base, adding the remaining pieces of the puzzle based on your budget & your immediate needs

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    Putting all the right pieces together

    • Email Marketing
    • Social Marketing
    • Review Site Marketing
    • Mobile Web Site Design & Updating
    • Blog Marketing
    • Pay Per Click Marketing

    Mobile Web Site Design & Updating

    Your website should help your customers & potential customers easily contact you & find out what you have to offer them. Partners In Profit will help you:

    • Provide your customers the information they want
    • Keep your website content accurate & current
    • Update your website & make it mobile friendly

    Websites that are up to date & look good to customers using mobile devices are considered “mobile friendly”. Google, the largest web search engine rewards mobile friendly websites and penalizes those that are not.

    Don’t let your mobile friendly competition have an advantage over you.

    Learn More About Digital Marketing

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • Training

    PC Training

    Partners In Profit provides individual one on one Onsite PC Training. We help you make your PCs do what you want it to and help you be safer on the web. We ask you exactly what you want to do, then we either teach you how to, or we do it for you.

    One on one PC Training

    The Partners In Profit Difference:

    • No wasted travel time or expenses
    • Minimize downtime from regular duties
    • Learn to use Office PCs at your own speed
    • On-site One on One or group classes

    What Partners In Profit does for you:

    • Make your PCs do what you want
    • Help you be safer on the web
    • Redesign your desktop & add shortcuts
    • Help you choose the right apps & devices
    • Make your PCs easier to use productively
    • And your staff more efficient at their jobs

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

    Concerned about Safe Computing & Virus Protection, Virus Repair & Virus Recovery?

    Read This

     View our Tutorials & DIY Information
  • Service Area

    Our Service Area

    Servicing Akron, Alden, Batavia, Clarence, Lockport, Medina, Williamsville, Genesee, Wyoming, Eastern Erie, Western Orleans, Niagara Counties, WNY

    Our Service Area Map

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

  • Rates

    Our Service Rates

    $40 First hour

    $30 each additional hour

    mileage surcharge may apply

    Our Service Rates

    Service calls for virus repair, speed up, protection, cleanup rarely go over $100; but if they do, we have you covered!

    (716) 759-4429 & (772) 675-3149

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